We've got it all


Zone 1 - Ground Floor

This is where we will be hosting our Y Travel Talks so you can ask questions and learn from the experts about many different destinations. We will also be having the Great BusAbout Travel Quiz were you can win amazing travel prizes.

Zone 1 is also were you find the main bar and Aussie, Kiwi Pie stand and other International treats

And finally on the Ground Floor we will be running a Speed Travel Buddies - like speed dating but the chance to meet other likeminded travellers that you may wish to travel with and get some great 2 for 1 deals.


`Zone 2 - Y Travel Show Upstairs

The Travel Show of all shows - with all your favourite tour operators offering great discounts.

Zone 3 - Career Zone 

Even with all the great travel deals at the Y Travel Show you still need a good job to pay for the travel so we have a great Career Zone.


11:00 Doors Open

12:00 Speed Travel Buddies

13:00 Y Travel Show Talks with Stoke Travel

13:30 Y Travel Show Talks with Hiking the Balkans

14:00 Busabout Travel Quiz

15:00 Y Travel Show Talks with travltalk.co/

16:00 International Beer Pong Tournament

18:00 Doors closed


After party!

Free entry to all Y Travel Show visitors.